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A Better Way to Outsource? The Facilities Management Integrator Model

January 7, 2019

Having just read a quite damning article in the Financial Times ( on outsourcing in the public sector I thought it would be worthwhile looking at the Autonomous facilities management Integrator model and why we deliver our solution in the way we do.


Firstly, we do not deliver any services. We do this in order to stay independent and impartial, by removing ourselves from service delivery we remove any vested interest and this allows us to be 100% client focused. We allow the clients and contractors to have the contractual relationship and we sit in the middle, providing a data and metric led management solution that puts clients back in control.


Instead of TFM or IFM outsourcing to one main contractor, our solution provides the flexibility to pick the optimal mix of contractors to deliver based on their size, geographical location and service delivery type. SME’s are more easily integrated into the supply-chain and benefit from having that direct relationship with the client, our blog below explores this in more detail:


Integrating SME’s into the Supply Chain


By remaining independent we are able to funnel all performance data on facilities delivery from multiple contractors through our systems and this gives us the ability to benchmark costs in real-time. Business Intelligence (BI) reports use client data to identify trends, compare costs and procure in much smarter ways. This allows us to benchmark costs at the tender stage to identify if any tender from a given contractor is deliverable and sustainable against the current market rates. Our blog on using ‘Big Data’ provides a little more information on our benchmarking:


Benchmarking – Using Big Data for Smarter Procurement


It will always depend on the type of service that is being outsourced, but with the bad rap that the facilities industry has taken from the fallout of Carillion, and most recently the warning about Interserve, should the industry be looking at more sustainable models?


At Autonomous, we believe that our Integrator model is the perfect fit for outsourcing as we provide the visibility and transparency that is so clearly lacking when outsourcing. We can spread the risk by selecting specialist contractors and integrating more SME’s into the supply-chain working on a direct basis with the end client. Our ability to collect, manage and interpret client data to make impactful and significant changes puts clients firmly back in control while only having to deal with one management provider.


If you would like to find out a little more about our facilities management Integrator model and how it could benefit your future facilities management strategy please get in touch with Mark Taylor on or 07518 444 838 to discuss your outsourcing requirements.

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