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Advantages of the Facilities Management Integrator Model

September 3, 2018

In the wake of the collapse of Carillion and diminishing trust in outsourced contracts, the FM Integrator model provides clients with all of the benefits of outsourcing to one company while putting you in full control through a strategic relationship for improved facilities management.


A facilities management integrator will work with your in-house FM team to provide a holistic view of FM and the workplace, focusing on key metrics like KPI’s, benchmarking, business intelligence and asset life-cycles & Capex projections – the real value-added services that FM’s sometimes struggle with when managing day-to-day works.


Here we have put together some of the main advantages of the Integrator model:


  • Independent & Impartial

We never work for or employ contractors directly to allow us to provide unbiased real-time independent management and reporting. We have no vested interest in service delivery meaning we are free to derive the best value, service improvements and innovation with 100% focus on clients.


  • Simple Centralised Solution

A single point of information and the ability to choose the best service provider for the job. Through our integrated systems, we can ensure all FM delivery is carried out to the same standards and processes, controlled centrally from inception to completion.


  • Full Visibility & Transparency

We remove contractor self-reporting and centralise all data to provide a consolidated view of all delivery. This gives you the most comprehensive overview of performance and full visibility of spending on a regional, national or global scale.


  • Improved Supply Chain Performance

We work with your existing or new supply chain using business intelligence and performance data to improve service delivery. We make sure works are completed and closed out on time and within SLA.


  • Minimum 10% Savings

Through our real-time contractor monitoring, 1st line resolutions, data analysis and benchmarking we could commit to a saving of at least 10% in the first year while improving service delivery, increasing to 20-30% over three years.


  • Complete Compliance

We ensure you are fully compliant with all regulations and provide real-time information demonstrating progress and outstanding issues across your estate. We make all compliance records available in real-time and accessible from any device.


  • Multi-lingual Support

Our 24/7 multi-lingual service centre supports German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Norwegian, Chinese and Russian languages, and we are happy to support any other languages as required by clients.


  • Contractor Auditing

We carry out real-time audits. No works are closed out for billing unless we see live cost data, real-time material costs, and photographic evidence that work is carried out to a high standard.


  • Real-Time Spend Analytics & Invoice Certification

Our systems show in real-time how long your providers worked on sites allowing us to ensure you only pay for the actual works completed. We benchmark costs to ensure that what you pay is accurate and provide consolidated invoice certification for all works to reduce our client’s administration time.


  • Asset Capex Projections

We carry out full asset cost verification and provide real-time spend analysis on asset performance allowing for automated five and ten-year asset projections.


  • Data Belongs to You

We will provide any business intelligence report you require. The data is yours, and we can provide full downloads in any format you require. We remove the need for self-reporting and make it easier to switch out vendors if there is a performance or cost benefit to you.


  • Introduced at Any Time

Because we can take over management of any contractor from a full TFM outsource through to multi-vendor services we can be implemented at any time to deliver immediate savings and service improvements.


Please contact Mark Taylor at or 07518 444 838 to discuss how the Autonomous Integrator model can benefit your future FM strategy.


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