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autoAnalytics FAQs

June 21, 2019

What is autoAnalytics?

autoAnalytics is a dedicated facilities management big data analytics and business intelligence solution from Autonomous FM. We have decided to use our experience and expertise to help established facilities departments make better sense of their facilities data and accelerate their analytics strategy.

Is it expensive?

No, with no API connections, no technical software or timely system integrations it is a very cost-effective solution for your big data management. You provide the data to us in any format, and we produce tailored analytics and interactive business intelligence reports. As an introduction we are offering a free trial, meaning you don’t pay a penny for a full review of three years’ worth of your facilities data.

What ROI Can I expect?

For existing clients, our data analytics has helped to deliver savings of 10% up to 25% while improving service delivery. Identifying trends to inform decision making, procuring in smarter ways, more intelligent asset life-cycle management & CapEx forecasting and improved cost control & contract management using real-time data all contribute towards significant savings. If you don’t already have the data, then our gap analysis will highlight areas for improvement and help to shape your future strategy, which will provide a longer-term ROI.

Is my data good enough to analyse?

Good question, good quality data collected with integrity and audited rigorously is the holy grail; it allows for much more strategic analysis and providing greater insights. Poor data allows us to identify gaps in your data collection processes and highlight areas for improvement. No data is perfect, and our team is adept in identifying trends and providing unseen insight in the most unlikely of data sets. We can help to undertake a review of your current data collection processes, reviewing your current CAFM system and contractor management to advise on improvements that will allow you to collect and manage better quality data.

My data sits with my contractor, not my CAFM system, can you analyse self-reported data?

Yes, we are more than happy to analyse data provided to you by your contractor. We treat all data the same and look to extract maximum value and insight from it. If you have a particular interest in the data, and you are looking for certain trends and patterns, we are happy to help you identify those through our business intelligence platform. Auditing your contractor’s data at regular intervals is highly advisable, self-reporting often removes visibility and transparency in contracts. Having independent analytics and business intelligence support to monitor your contractor’s data can put you back in control.

How is the analysis presented?

Our Analysts run your data through our BI platform to produce tailored reports that make the best use of your data. We review the data analysing trends, identifying gaps and producing detailed reports that highlight all of our findings. But, we don’t just produce a report and then leave you to extract the value. We provide a comprehensive service that leaves you with the strategic insights that you need to drive innovation and value in all aspects of your facilities delivery.

Is this a one-off service, or do you provide ongoing data analytics support?

It is up to you to decide, autoAnalytics is available as a one-time-only data analytics service which you could use as an introduction to big data management and business intelligence reporting. Alternatively, you might decide that ongoing independent support to monitor your data in real-time would be a benefit to your facilities delivery in the long term. Our independent analytics will help to save you time and allow you to focus on workplace and stakeholder engagement.

What are the benefits of autoAnalytics?

autoAnalytics provides several benefits that can help to deliver short and long term strategic advantages:

  • Independent Data Management and Oversight
  • Significant Cost Savings and Improved Service Delivery
  • Reduced Data Administration
  • Real-Time Supplier KPI and SLA Management
  • Greater Cost Control and Financial Oversight
  • Cloud-Based Reporting Available on Any Device
  • Improved Visibility & Transparency
  • Smarter Procurement Using Benchmarked Data
  • Improved Asset Management, Life-Cycle and CapEx Forecasting

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Q11, Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8BU

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