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The Added Value of a Facilities Management Integrator

September 25, 2018

At Autonomous, our whole business model is designed to add value to clients by ensuring they always receive improved service, greater value and innovation from their supply chain. We do this in several ways:


  • Big Data & Business Intelligence (BI) – Our BI platform allows us to centralise data from multiple sources to provide one view of FM activity. BI enables us to provide faster and more accurate reporting, analysis and planning for more informed decision making which ultimately leads to cost savings and service improvements. Big data management is now key to the success of contracts and working in real-time allows us to identify trends more quickly and work with clients and vendors more efficiently. BI aligns performance indicators with FM strategy to empower insights for more strategic decision making.


  • Procurement – Using BI, we know precisely how vendors and assets are performing, we can run cost comparisons and get the best possible overview of service delivery. We then use this BI to procure in much smarter ways to drive best value and efficiencies. Unlike large outsourced models where you are tied into a fixed contract, and it is often hard to switch out under-performing vendors, we offer that opportunity at ease. As we centralise and manage all vendors, we can switch contractors without any disruption to normal service and deliver greater savings or performance improvements. Using your client data, we can empower your procurement team to buy in smarter ways.


  • Internet of Things (IoT) – We are now rolling out IoT devices to remotely monitor water quality and cleaning for clients. We have removed the need for engineer visits and our team now manage the water compliance at our service centre. We have set parameters for all aspects of compliance and alarms to alert us to any issues. On the cleaning side, we have automated cleaning schedules and use IoT to monitor activity, tracking cleaners throughout their work to benchmark time and divert from areas of low footfall requiring less cleaning. We have saved significant time and money in engineer visits and management time by automating this process, and it is something we are looking to expand into other areas of plant, electrics and compliance to add further value. IoT monitoring will help FM delivery move away from just in case maintenance, to just in time.


  • 1st Line Service Support – Our facilities helpdesk is experienced in providing 1st line advice, support and task closure. We don’t just take a call or email, raise a ticket and send it straight to an engineer. Our team will question the request to find out if anything can be done to resolve 1st level requests. Simple things like turning off alarms or adjusting heating can be easily explained, and for more advanced issues we can arrange engineer callbacks. 1st line support can reduce engineer visits by up to 40%.


  • 360° Building Modelling – We use 360°building modelling to virtually map buildings and add current assets in accordingly. This means that any engineer that visits can access the site using their mobile phone to find exact assets, along with their operating manuals, value and service information. For clients, this can be an excellent tool for getting an understanding of a remote site or multiple-sites across various regions/countries. For our helpdesk teams, it means that we can also remotely advise vendors and staff of asset information and use it to offer our 1st line support service.


  • Scalability – There is no limit to our scalability. We have developed an adaptable business model that has evolved over the past couple of years into a unique proposition. All we require is an understanding of the estate and necessary resource; then we can replicate the model to provide an optimal solution, whatever level of service is needed. Our systems are all cloud-based, so there is no country integration and no painstaking time is taken to introduce our technology, once we have the asset and contract information it is almost immediate.


  • Sustainability – We support our clients to achieve their sustainability targets. This could be through reducing their carbon footprint, moving to 100% renewable energy sources and diverting even more waste from landfill. Recent projects have seen us help clients reduce their carbon footprint through reduced engineer visits using IoT technology and LED replacements schemes to PIR sensors, cutting use of lights down from 24/7 use to an average of 6hrs per day.


  • Learning and Development – At Autonomous we work with your in-house FM function to support and develop skills and knowledge. Our systems and processes are set to the highest standards of FM delivery using best industry practice and experience of contract delivery. We have a proven track record of helping clients FM’s to develop their facilities, workplace and stakeholder management skills by allowing them to concentrate on their job. By taking the day-to-day management of vendors and providing real-time BI, we empower FM’s to drive innovation in the workplace, which creates much better value for their organisation, and a culture of best practice.


  • Future Proof FM Delivery Through Emerging Technology – The technology available to FM’s is evolving at high-speed. It is hard for Senior FM’s to adequately plan for capital investment in technology when the evolution is happening so quickly, and this can add a sense of uncertainty. At Autonomous we drive the innovation for clients and make it our job to stay ahead of the game regarding emerging technology. We are now working with some companies around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in FM for big data management and improved BI. We are also looking to bring Blockchain to FM for smart contract management and enhanced critical supply ordering.


We would love to let you know a little more about our unique Facilities Management Integrator service and how it could benefit your future FM requirements. To find out more, please contact Mark Taylor at or 07518 444 838.

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