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Frequently Asked Questions – All About Autonomous FM & Our Integrator Model

January 11, 2019

The facilities management integrator delivery model is very much in its infancy. There are varying degrees of understanding within the industry on exactly what it is, how it works and what the benefits are.


Generally, when we visit or talk to prospective new clients, the same questions always seems to come up. With this is in mind we have put together our latest blog to explore and explain the most frequently asked questions about the integrator model:


What Exactly is an FM Integrator?


An FM Integrator is a matured version of the Managing Agent model, with a dedicated focus on facilities management. The Integrator sits between the client and supply chain providing business intelligence and an independent, impartial view on supplier performance, finance and cost control, workplace experience and FM compliance together with a strategic approach to the entire estate


Are You a CAFM System?


No, our Integrator model focuses more on managing your assets and contractors to provide an independent metric and data led service that puts you back in control. We can provide a CAFM system as part of our service or manage an existing system by integrating our mobile and cloud technology to provide our market-leading real-time business intelligence platform.


Do You Just Provide FM Technology?


No, Autonomous FM is an independent facility management company who embrace emerging technology. We use mobile, cloud and IoT based technology to manage assets and contractors, improve service delivery, create value and drive innovation for our clients.


Do You Deliver Services?


No, we remain completely independent from service delivery to provide impartial management. With no vested interest in the delivery of a service, we are 100% client focused. We sit directly between the client and their supply chain, providing helpdesk and management support based on real-time asset and performance data and business intelligence.


Do You Only Manage Large Estates?


We have a mix of clients ranging from multi-national companies with sites across ten countries to not-for-profit organisations with an individual building. Our integrator model is flexible enough to support companies of all sizes who all want to benefit from improved asset and supply chain management, innovation and smarter procurement.


What Makes You Different?


As an integrator, Autonomous offer an independent and impartial facilities management solution that takes care of the day-to-day facilities delivery, ensures complete compliance with SFG20 standards and embraces technology to drive efficiencies and service improvements.

What makes Autonomous different is that as an SME we run an agile operation that is nimble and quick to react to change. With an in-house capability that is scalable to support our sustained growth, we are flexible enough to meet the expectations of demanding clients while continually innovating through emerging technology.


How Do You Manage Assets Differently To Anyone Else?


We put great focus on improved asset management, providing full asset verification and tagging with interactive 360-degree asset mapping. We set all PPM’s to SFG20 protocols and log all reactive works against individual assets. Client asset data is then used in our business intelligence platform to provide specific reports that generate accurate life-cycle costs, CapEx projections and benchmarking to maximise the value of your assets and aid strategic decision making.


We hope that this blog post helps to profile the Autonomous FM Integrator solution. If you have any further questions or queries, or if you would like a demonstration of our service please contact Mark Taylor on or 07518 444 838.


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