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The Challenge

Our client faced a serious situation where their TFM vendor, a large international TFM supplier, faced the threat of immediate closure.  Due to the wide scope of services provided, they faced the difficult task of maintaining seemless service delivery to building residents spread across a national portfolio of 30 buildings.  

Services included catering facilities at company managed hotels & critical systems maintenance including lifts.

Our Solution

Fortunately for our client,  Autonomous had already implemented their contractor management system combined with a Portuguese/English speaking helpdesk.  Since the asset, cost, and maintenance data was already held independently, the failure of the FM contractor, and mobilization of the replacement vendor happened seamlessly, and our client was able to maintain continuity of service for building residents without any noticeable drop in service levels.  

The solution we have implemented has provided our client with a level of resilience from contractor default not seen before. Not only is the system data, and contact centre independent from the vendor, it is stored securely with ISO 27001:2013 certification.

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